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Pryor Communications LLC is a boutique communications and marketing agency serving nonprofits, healthcare and philanthropy-focused clients.

Create marketing and communications plans:

We will help you create target audiences, conduct market research, devise strategies and tactics, choose the right marketing channels and messaging, and establish how to measure your success.

Build editorial plans to create once, publish everywhere:

We will help define content objectives, establish content calendars and management systems, conduct interviews and write stories for all segmented audiences.

Write case statements and stewardship reports:

We will create compelling case statements and stewardship reports – interviewing stakeholders, writing the campaign story and planning for content capture and distribution.

Execute online campaigns:

We will set up your email campaign by building a subscriber/donor list, selecting an email service provider and handling writing and design to reach your goals.

Tell your company’s story:

We will interview your stakeholders to capture the essence of your company’s story and will write it for case statements, blog posts, social media, email newsletters and more.

Research private foundations to identify funders:

We will research private foundations for your ideal funding opportunities and write your LOI and proposals.